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About My Green Dictionary



The structure of this dictionary is designed to avoid misinterpretation by giving  information on the context in which a word may be applied. This is done by allocating a category to each word in the dictionary. In addition the choice of certain words is made easier by supplementary information shown both in English and German in round brackets.

Who the Dictionary is for

My Green Dictionary has been compiled to assist people with the creation and translation of environmental texts into German or English. It is specifically designed to be used by experts commissioned with the environmental assessment of properties (i.e. Environmental Due Diligence). Within this context the terms used in contaminated land survey and clean up have been meticulously collected and recorded. Given the growing interest in Green Building emphasis has also been laid on such topics as renewable energy and energy efficiency. Furthermore, anybody translating or writing technical and environmentally related texts particularly architects and constructional engineers commissioned with Technical Due Diligence will find this online dictionary useful. Other professionals to benefit from this dictionary are company environmental representatives and environmental engineers.

Origin and Strategy

My Green Dictionary is predominantly based on the German/English dictionary called “Wörterbuch der Umweltrisikoprüfung und Altlastenerkundung”, which was written by me and published 2007. After publishing, the vocabulary was later extended by terms gained from numerous translations of environmental texts and studies of Green Building projects. By presenting the dictionary online I hope to extend the number of users. If nothing else, the interactive usage on the web is a great improvement as it offers the opportunity to increase the vocabulary by the user.


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